If I Could Do Anything

If I could do anything.

I would drive a “happiness” van around the world

I would visit those with chronic illness in the hopes of interrupting their pain with joy.

It would be my own form of “distraction therapy” tailored to fit the interests of each individual.

I would take my pain and fatigue to the streets. I would meet others and we could share a belly laugh until we cry and there’s snot everywhere. Why not take our snot, sprinkle it with glitter, and use it as paint. There’s a distraction…….

I’d ask each person to describe what their body feels like. What it feels like to be them in just a few sentences. It would be a book written by thousands.

Yes, if I could do anything.

Music is Like Heroin

Photo by me

I’ve witnessed heroin. Never done it.

The look of calm that transforms the face of the user is unforgettable as it seeps into their veins.

Music is my heroin.

I feel the way users look.

Unlike heroine, where the first high is the best.

Music is my best high. Every time.