Sheepish Wisdom

Dear Mr. Bighorn.

Thank you for reminding us to be sure footed.

When life feels overwhelming and we don’t know where to step, you remind us to look for the tiny ledge. 2 inches is all we need.

If we keep our eyes open, we won’t miss the opportunities hidden in the rocky ground.

I pass through this canyon twice a day and had the privledge of listening to Mr. Big Horn’s wisdom yesterday…….

Music is Like Heroin

Photo by me

I’ve witnessed heroin. Never done it.

The look of calm that transforms the face of the user is unforgettable as it seeps into their veins.

Music is my heroin.

I feel the way users look.

Unlike heroine, where the first high is the best.

Music is my best high. Every time.


Photo by me

The sun in and of itself is not beautiful.

The effects of the sun………….now that is something to behold.

Shadows dance, details spring to life, the world becomes multidimensional.

The light connects and creates beauty.

Beauty that causes us to pause.

If we pause long enough, our inner light is given a chance to speak…… insight………idea……….knowing………..a feeling of joy…………simplicity……….

The small flicker that is connected to something much larger.

We keep it small with our hurry and worry.

Go back to the pause, where for a moment, troubles no longer exist. There’s a weightlessness to life……….for just a moment we see clearly…………

Maybe, just maybe, the moments can stretch to hours and the hours to days……

Is it possible to allow the light with in to grow to such magnitude that we connect and create beauty with our lives?

The Wine Glass Makes The Wine Taste Better

Shitty pic from an old phone in a beat up life proof case: this is real life folks

“When you see ordinary situations with extraordinary insight, it is like discovering a jewel in rubbish.” Chogyan Trungpa

I have been drinking wine out of a Christmas glass that quite frankly does not spark joy. It’s heavy, clunky and anything but elegant.

I found this crystal beauty in the cabinet today. It’s sexy, it’s sleek and yes, it does make my Bota Box wine taste better.

I’m thankful for the feeling it gives me.

It’s a simple pleasure. I’m taking the time to notice them more.

How about you? Have you noticed anything simple yet meaningful in your day today? Did you have a moment where you felt fully present and uplifted by something that you normally would have overlooked?