Factoids About Us

We’re a blended family of weirdos.

I’m Mare, 4 boys jumped out of my womb.

Boy #1 Loves his Dog and has every outdoor gadget known to man.

Boy#2 Is a skilled mountain man and living that van life.

Boy#3 Is a Trans Man changing the LGBTQ community on the daily.

Boy#4 Loves and I mean Loves fish, technology and skiing.

The 2 girls are a result of Jase’s (my boyfriend) sperm and someone else’s womb.

Girl #1 at the age of 11 is already 5 inches taller than me. She’s quite the gamer, artist and comedian.

Girl #2 is a fellow lefty and Virgo, plays the viola and is an incredible artist.

Obviously these 6 individuals have way more substance to them than my measly descriptions.

Jase and I are transplants in Colorado. He from Pensyltucky, I from Illinois/Wisconsin. We met on a dating app in Colorado and have been together since our first date.

We work odd jobs and are minimalists, moving about renting fully furnished properties. Sadly, none of our children live with us.

So why this blog? Because I need to laugh. Life is tough. This is an outlet for me to chill out. I’m navigating some health issues and I thought a blog would help. It’s truly an experiment so I don’t go completely mental.