A Thousand Bits of Genius

If you go to the Loo daily, keep reading.

If you’re into the whole holiday gift buying thing and you have avid readers on this list, then I have solved all of your gift buying problems. You’re welcome……These are available on Amazon through Kindle or in Paperback.

“By the Loo and in the Waiting Room” is a collection of short stories that are guaranteed to hold your attention. They are witty and will keep you guessing as to how they will end. You feel transported, like you are part of the tale.

Put a copy in your Loo and in the Loo of your family and friends. We all need entertainment in the Loo. Everybody poops, might as well enjoy it.

“Healing the Broken Things” is therapy through poetry. If you’ve ever been at a loss for words because of the highs and lows of emotions or circumstances, these poems will fill in the missing puzzle pieces.

There is a divine knowing written among the pages. Not in a creepy religious way either. You won’t feel like you’re 5 years old in scratchy tights, with sweaty feet, not being able to see over the pew. This is more like a divine hug, divine freedom to feel what you are feeling, divine acceptance.

These come to you by the author of the blog Athousandbitsofpaper. Do yourself a favor and visit her blog for a daily divine dose of genius.

Let’s Talk About Your Vagina

Ok ladies, I’m going to do you a solid and bring up a touchy subject. I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable. It’s a vagina, you have one. It’s a body part that needs attention.

I know too many vagina’s that suffer in silence. I’ve been battling vulvodynia for the past year. It’s unexplained itching, burning and pain in your nether region. I’ve had pap smears and ultra sounds, nothing shows up, not even yeast. Here’s a link to my post about it. https://thisexperimentallife.com/2019/10/10/vulvodynia-fire-in-the-vag-hole/

Long story short, because we all have lives to live, boricvag worked. I have my vagina back and maybe you could have yours back too. That is, if you’re suffering. It is for all types of vaginal issues.

Here’s the link, look it up yourself. They also have a boricvag plus. It’s all natural goodness. Treat your vagina well, it will thank you, as will your significant other. https://www.reelorganics.com/boric-acid-suppository-capsules-600-mg-applicator-included/

No, I’m not an affiliate. Geez, I don’t even know the fancy way to post a link with out it being a mile long.