The Show Must Go On

Freeport Maine

It’s been a minute.

We’ve slid from the wilderness womb into civilization. It’s not a graceful slide.

We are on the East Coast helping Jase’s parents with life.

There is a vast difference between the West and the East. The West is dry and open with changing landscapes every few miles. Wilderness camping is plentiful. The East is dense with civilization, humid, and void of change. There are countless restrictions when trying to camp.

Our wilderness adventure is becoming extinct. We are once again prisoners of society.

This too shall pass.

Nothing is permanent.

The end of our west coast adventure was spent with my son Owen. He flew into California and we had a grand time. Pandemic and protests can do as they wish, the show must go on.

Jase and I drove across the U.S. of A to the east and wrapped up our adventure in Maine and Rhode Island. If life asks us to remain out East we shall try to plant some roots in either of those 2 states as we have found the salty ocean air to be of great benefit to my mental and physical health.

Our final adventure was taking a tandem kayak into the ocean on a rather intense day. We were amidst 3 foot swells and schooners zipping past.

Neither of us know anyone who has had Covid. We are following the guidelines of each public place we enter and living life one moment at a time. We feel very removed from all the goings on in the world and are hoping to maintain a healthy distance from the drama.