Have A Tantrum Then Go With It

Yes, that is Jase being re-born through the very top of our “indestructible” tent.

There was a wind storm and the seams chose to stop doing their job.

We were enjoying our stay at Lake Powell and had to adjust our itinerary to exchange our home at Cabela’s. The closest one was a 5 hour drive down to Phoenix. Very out of our way, but what else could we do? We have our lightweight tent with us, but it can not withstand all weather conditions.

Cabela’s had no problem allowing us to exchange our tent without a receipt for a completely different brand and threw in a $300 gift card.

By the time all was said and done it was 6pm in the middle of 110 degree heat, PMS and did I mention how much I despise busy city type places? I had a melt down in the Cabela’s parking lot.

“NO! I am not camping near this shit show of a city Jase! AND I refuse to drive anymore today! AND we just got a new tent that neither of us has ever set up before. I’m beyond exhausted, hungry, hot as fuck and delirious with hormones, I’m useless right now Jase, fucking useless, you would have to DO EVERYTHING! We are ripping a hole into our budget and staying in a hotel so I have a chance to regroup and catch my breath.”

“Ok, honey, that sounds great.”

So that is what we did.

I’d like to backtrack a week or so. After our last spot in Delores, CO, we made our way to Moab Utah where my second son Trent met us. We had a delightful time hiking and enjoying each others company.

On one of our hikes we had the pleasure of aiding a couple who had been lost in a canyon for 5 hours. All other passerby’s didn’t want to be bothered with it. WHAT????????

Jase was exceptional with keeping them calm and echoed his phone number down to them so they could send him the pin of their location. The rangers came along and helped navigate the couple out of the canyon.

We were all set to pack up early Saturday morning and head our separate ways. We did a scenic 8 mile hike (yes! I did it, slowly, but PAIN FREE!) on Friday and were planning to head back to camp for dinner when the wind and rain started. We quickly checked the forecast and the area was under a flash flood warning.

Upon arriving to camp at 8 pm, our tent and bedding was soaked and covered in red desert dust. We quickly gathered our things to get out of the canyon we were camped in. Trent lives in his van so he went to higher ground and found a parking lot to stay the night.

Jase and I drove out of danger until 1 am and set up our soggy gear in a cow field. We awoke to thunder and light rain along with wind gusts and had to tear down quickly almost losing our lightweight tent.

We eventually made it to Lake Powell where we set up our indestructible tent and it did not make it through the wind gusts. We did enjoy a few days of peace before shit hit the seams.

All in all, Jase and I are embracing this lifestyle and taking things one moment at a time. We both had a difficult time falling asleep in the hotel last night, which is a sign we are acclimating to the great outdoors.

11 thoughts on “Have A Tantrum Then Go With It

  1. Your pics are fab!!! Glad you were compensated for your tent AND had an excuse to splash out for a night of comfort (and internet!)😉 More than anything I’m so happy you’re pain free and can enjoy hiking again! Stay well ❤️

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  2. The backdrop is just jaw-dropping. Stunning.
    It’s awesome to hear that you were able to exchange your tent like that. Good things do happen, after all.
    Thank you for helping those that were lost!
    Funny that you say that. I actually spent a night at a hotel (twice) in the past month or so and was surprised at how terrible of a sleep I got.

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  3. That’s awesome of Cabela’s to exchange the tent, but I’m glad you followed your tantrum to a good night’s sleep. You should get some reward for helping that lost couple. Seriously, 5 hours and no one gave them any help?

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  4. Oh my gosh what an adventure!!!
    You are so close to me!!!
    I’m in Tucson!! Gosh I hate I can’t see you! It’s just not fair!
    Your pictures are amazing!
    You guys are doing such amazing things. The kindness you showed towards those people warms my ❤️. People are so afraid to get close to people right now, I wonder if that’s part of the reason others didn’t help? It breaks my heart though. I’m sure your kindness will be forwarded. Love to you💕💕

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