My Produce Made A Funny

I forgot my mesh bags at home.

The produce decided to strike a pose after scanning.

The cashier and I shared a “masked” belly laugh.

Does anyone else miss seeing peoples mouths?

Not in a creepy way, but in a “missing rich interactions” way.

Crazy how not seeing a persons face in its entirety dulls communication.

22 thoughts on “My Produce Made A Funny

  1. I was thinking about this whole communicating with masks on situation – we often rely on reading people’s expressions (was well as body language) to determine how to move forward with a conversation.

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  2. I miss seeing people’s full faces. I also miss people holding doors open for one another and grabbing things from the top shelf for one another and you know all that kind of stuff…

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  3. We arenโ€™t wearing masks here l, luckily the virus hasnโ€™t been that bad. But youโ€™re right masks and even sunglasses – I canโ€™t stand talking to people who donโ€™t shove their sunglasses up on their head while weโ€™re talking – it feels like a barrier.

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