Operation Tampon Run

“Black Betty” goes to Walgreens.

The 1977 hit from Ram Jam kept looping in my head during my excursion.

I got what I needed and made a quick exit. Tampons and earplugs. I tried to joke with the elderly gent at the register the earplugs were for my boyfriend. He was hard of hearing so the joke fell flat like a brick.

Anyhoo, it was a beautiful day so I found a place to stroll in the sun and talk to Archie and then a bestie of mine. My anxiety calmed and it felt good to be out.

The thing that touched my heart the most, is my bestie shared that she called a suicide helpline to find out the best way to talk with me after my overdose. She didn’t want to say anything that would come across as hurtful.

What a beautiful act of kindness. How caring and thoughtful.

We were both disturbed at the fact she was on hold for 25 minutes. She said if she were suicidal she would have been dead. The man on the line explained that with covid they are unable to keep up. What an unfortunate reality.

My anxiety is high again today. I can’t stop shaking and my heart is pounding. I suppose it’s time to stop procrastinating and start packing.

I’m also working on an insta pot menu as our plan is too keep our grocery bill to $50 a week while we tent it.

Thank you to everyone on here for reading my ramblings. Hope you are all well, I appreciate you.

22 thoughts on “Operation Tampon Run

  1. Please take lots of time to relax and calm that anxiety. With all that’s going on if that anxiety gets the better of you it’ll be real hard to come back down. It sounds like you’ve got a really good friend if they were willing to do that, and thought enough to do that. What a very thoughtful person.

    Please think calming thoughts, do calming things, and stay healthy ā¤

    Also… unrelated and unimportant but – invisible eyebrows club – holla!

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  2. Ha. What a genius move on your friend’s part.
    But – does one size fit all? I mean, I think, like with anything else – the way I speak to person A might not work for person B. Plus, was she aware that she was hogging the line from someone potentially suicidal?
    Wow, that sounded negative on my part. That wasn’t my intention. Just my thoughts. I still give her a lot of credit for trying.

    Dealing with my personal issues for the past month or so, I realized I’ve been in a bubble. I turned the radio on today and heard about all the anxieties people are feeling due to the virus. I knew there would be some sort of a mental fall out but I had no idea how much it impacts so many people. I have to say it got me worried. And it made me realize that I need to reach out to some people who thrive on socializing to make sure they’re alright.

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      Not negative at all, there are numerous ways to look at every situation. The possibilities are endless and could drive us nuts if we let them, more nuts than me šŸ˜‰

      Yes, the virus has brought up many things for many people. I thought I had worked through so much, apparently not enough.

      I’m a work in process, as we all are.

      Been thinking of you often, wondering how you are. Very happy to have heard from you. thank you

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      • Glad you are hanging in there šŸ™‚
        Yes, getting outdoors always helps. I’m looking forward to having everything done and going on our adventure. Jase and I both prefer the outdoors and feel that it clears our heads and calms everything down. I “know” in my heart this is the next step, even though I don’t know where it leads, I have to trust that knowing.

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  3. Great friend with heart – so important. Sorry to be so late catching up with my reading! Friday, fire is pumped and Iā€™m settled in to read your week. Going backwards maybe I should have started the other way around šŸ™ƒ

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