Cluster Clucks

Cluster~fuck: a complex, and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation: a muddled mess.

Ashley’s post on how to spot fake health news got me in the cluster~fuck mood. Here in the states you’re better off not reading the news at all.

About anything. EVER.

I received this video below in my e-mail and had to share. It about sums it up. Hopefully it will work. It’s from FB and I don’t have a FB account.

I needed a break from packing and organizing, also a cluster~fuck. But I did come across my teeth whitening trays so at least I’m multitasking. My teeth were looking a little dingy. Now they will be white enough to blind the grizzly bears while I’m screaming for my life. Meh, who needs bear spray?

There’s a lot to consider when moving into a tent. Like changing our address.

5506 Tent Life Boulevard, Bumblefuck U.S.A

I’ve changed my address 5 times in the past 4 years. I’ve been a nomad in the making all along. At least the bill collectors won’t be able to find me.

9 thoughts on “Cluster Clucks

  1. Great video! And totally understandable how watching the news too much – especially in the States – only increases confusion and anxiety and should probably be reduced to the bare minimum. You know I worry about this living-in-a-tent situation of yours, but there has probably never been a better time to head for the wilderness or take a break from “civilization”.

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    • We will definitely have photos, possibly a time lapse video, those are always a hoot! Kate, I’m so ready to get out there, there’s that “knowing” inside. Underneath all the anxiety there’s the light saying “this is the next step, take it with no worry about the future. Trust only the next step.”

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