Our 12×12 Castle

On May 15th we’re moving into our tent.

Our landlord said we could stay, but he wants full rent, and is not accepting the relief from the mortgage company. His OCD won’t allow him to get off schedule. I can respect that. After all, I did just try to kill myself in his house a few weeks ago, we’ve all got our issues. Best of luck to him finding new renters.

Jase and I are not squatters and have no interest in going through the eviction process. That just sounds awkward and stressful. It’s an experience I don’t need in my life. Since Jase and I already have a lot of outdoor gear, why not put it to the test and live in it.

Currently neither of us is working. Out of all the families I cleaned for 1 has still been paying me weekly. I insisted she stop as I don’t know if I will return to clean and what our situation will turn into. She is stubborn like me and keeps sending me money. I am collecting unemployment from the part time job I also had. We figure, why spend money on rent. Let’s save what we have and use our gear.

Side note: My body has been pain free since the ketamine infusions. It was also the time I stopped cleaning homes, because of the pandemic. I have no desire to go back to cleaning as I’m not interested in finding out if it was the ketamine, not working or both that got my body back into alignment.

I’d rather be a homeless glamper than go back to chronic pain and fatigue.

We plan to use our time away from modern life to clear our heads and decide what direction to go in. There is a laundry list of things I disagree with when it comes to society, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I never come back fully. I’ve always felt like an outsider, I’m excited for these changes and to see what’s around the corner.

With so much to figure out and do, I may not be on blogland as much, but look forward to making updates on our progress.

Mental health side note: My doc prescribed me an anti-anxiety med while we work on getting a psychiatric evaluation. I have 2 different clinics I can reach out to for help.

I’m not overly thrilled about being alive but don’t feel like I’m a danger to myself, so that’s progress.

I’ve only had one glass of champagne since I overdosed, also progress.

Seeing as I’ve always been an outdoorsy person, I do feel this adventure will iron out some wrinkles in my head.

30 thoughts on “Our 12×12 Castle

    • It will only be me, jase and Cricket the cat…we are seasoned campers, the only thing we own is outdoor gear, that’s why we rent fully furnished homes. We have a generator for power, inflatable couch with end tables and lamps. A cushy air bed with memory foam topper, oh yes, we are comfy campers but also know how to kick ass in the backcountry with next to nothing. My oldest son is going to take care of my truck while we are gone. We will be tucked safely away from people, it will be a good break for my brain and a huge saving financially. Hope you are well Hilary, thank you for stopping by 🙂

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  1. Wow! That’s a big change. I’m so glad you’re not in physical pain since your treatment. I’ve no doubt the time in nature will ease anxiety and give you some space to heal. Maybe this chance to unplug is a blessing in disguise.

    When I was in my 20’s my husband and I moved across the USA with our 18 month old. Our car was too old to hitch a trailer. We stored most of our stuff at my mom’s in Ohio and only brought what we could fit in our Toyota. We landed in Santa Fe because I “had a calling.” We spent a month camping in a tent in the mountains while we tried to find a house to rent and employment. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we made some really great memories. I believed in us and trusted the universe. I guess what I’m saying is that it all worked out.

    We’ll miss you in blogland. I’ll look forward to hearing updates when you have the time and energy. You’ve got this, Mare!😉❤️👊🏽🌟

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    • Thank you for sharing your story and for your encouragement Robin 🙂 We will be in Jase’s Subaru as it’s better on gas than my truck.

      I keep reminding myself that 4 years ago I moved across the country by myself with no job and no place to live. All I had was the belief things would fall into place.

      No matter how tough things feel at times that same strong belief is there. I know experiences are never wasted.

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  2. That is amazing to read that you are pain free and what a castle that is. I guess some change can do some changing in the mental department. I hope you can recharge while getting away from it all for a while. We all need some resetting from time to time. Wishing you a lot of carefree fun and relaxation.
    Ps I envy the potty because when we go camping, I always need to go in the woods 🙄

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    • I’ve done my fair share of back woods potty time, the potty is good for emergencies. We use RV pods in it that are made for a 40 gallon tank haha so our potty never smells and it liquefies everything pronto since the holding tank in only a few gallons, it gives us about 15 poops till we have to empty. I’ll pee in the woods during the day. I have a funnel thing so I can stand and pee. Very convenient!

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  3. I love your tent, you are going to have a great time. freedom awaits. For years I lived in a camper van it was lovely, I had a wood burner in it. I found who I was living in that van. Then I went back to living in a house, now I am waiting for the travel restrictions to lift and I will be back living in a van again – I am counting down the days. All the very best with your new adventure x

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