Feeding The Whisper Of War

Feed me.

Feed me.

Feed me.

The coronavirus screams to be fed.

Whispering into the ears of civilians, “They are the enemy. Fight against them.”

Right wing……. left wing……..socialism………capitalism…….the intensity with which others cling to their opinions.

That’s all they are. Opinions.

No one has the answer. Not a single one.

All the while we look for the answers that aren’t there and blame others for our discomfort and misfortune.

We keep feeding the beast with anger, hatred and war.

This is not a war.

It is merely the latest “big issue”, another test in time, and humanity is failing the test AGAIN.

We repeatedly fail to see the humanness of ourselves and others. Fail to see the opportunity to come together in peace.

*We live an hour outside Denver, there was a protest at the capitol to lift the lockdown. You can read up here if it’s of interest. (photo by me on PicsArt)

10 thoughts on “Feeding The Whisper Of War

  1. Unbelievable. Sad but true. Many tests will come.
    I hope we once will learn the lessons that are coming to us. Maybe they won’t be learned in my lifetime but I count on the lessons to come back way after my passing.
    You writing this post gives others hope as there are people who are willing to come together in peace but the negative ones make more noise!

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  2. I saw the protests on the news last night, they looked scarier than anything else this damn virus has produced so far – how on earth do police cope with armed and aggressive civilians? It’s scary Mare, or looks that way to me – stay safe you and Jade.


  3. It’s strange, but I see coronavirus completely neutrally. It seems to me that it’s power is to make problems and conflicts that were already there come bubbling to the surface for all to see. I try to force myself to listen to Mr. Rogers and concentrate on the helpers.

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