Naked In Front Of The Crowd

That feeling you have so much to say it feels like pressure in your chest.

You have to write, need to write, it’s a gnawing nag that won’t let up, it feels necessary to your existence.

You don’t know where to start or even what it is that needs to be said.

Your brain feels deadened by depression, your body revved by anxiety mixed with panic. You want to hibernate in your cave yet you must get out and walk to alleviate the toxic mixture of sensations, thoughts and moods.

So you write it out, you untie the knots with your words. String them together until your being finds the balance it needs to go about the day. You take it 10 minutes at a time and don’t berate yourself, don’t compare yourself to others or to your past self who you naively believed to be tougher than this, stronger than this.

You face the feelings of vulnerability and nakedness as you read over past blog posts. The embarrassment hot on your cheeks. The admittance of imperfection. The uncovering of how deep you’ve been choked by countless intrusive thoughts. Sticky, negative thinking patterns, ignored by going through the motions of living.

You see the pattern woven into the years you’ve walked upon this earth. Presenting yourself as balanced, good natured, sane and put together. Under the façade the lava runs hot bubbling through the cracks. Widening the cracks until you eventually break wide open into a volcanic episode that screams “I’ve been dying this whole time and I can’t contain it another second.”

I’m not ok, and that’s ok.

You put it out there, not for your sake, but for the sake of others. Countless souls walking about too afraid to speak up, to embarrassed to admit their pain, too conditioned by an unaccepting society, buried under the weight of the stigma. A society that buys into shining up their exteriors into looking like the perfect package, too afraid to be authentic. Fooling themselves and others with falsehoods of achievement and success.

Hoping that if you speak up, if you share the rawness that you carry, it may help even one soul. That by exposing the deepest parts of yourself, you’ll give others permission to do the same. Even if they don’t speak up, maybe it will ignite a hope and a knowing that they are not alone, and maybe that will be enough to keep them going.

So, you stand naked in front of the crowd.

Not for you.

For others.

16 thoughts on “Naked In Front Of The Crowd

  1. YES!! That is exactly what you do…and why you do it! And in the process as we hope that others will find healing, something unexpected happens and that is that we, ourselves, feel just a little bit better! When one heals, we all heal a little bit. And I am grateful for what you share. And don’t ever think that it isn’t important.
    Sweet Blessings…Stay safe…be well! ❤

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  2. Exactly. To all of this. I had a shit interlude with another blogger yesterday – which was a shock as most bloggers are great – and thought bloody hell I share so much that is personal and he used it against me. I wondered if I should just shut up shop. Flip the sign to closed and stop blogging because if I can’t write from the heart I see absolutely no point yet at the same time… I feel like I’m doing a nude walk every morning as you have so perfectly said and that I’m arming any potential haters with enough bad pictures to keep them in material for life.
    But I didn’t. I just blocked him and moved on. Because even if one person feels a little more understood and not so weird because hey look at her boobs – then cool. I will keep on getting my shirt off each day.

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  3. Oh, this is beautiful, and I fully agree. Handing out a piece of ourselves is not an act of individual glorification but a performance of compassion and solidarity. It takes bravery and determination to make that move. Thanks for stepping up to speak your truth!

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  4. I really love this post. But I am wary of commenting. I have this running joke about being raised by the world’s greatest amateur psychologist and it has made me a person whose mind jumps straight to suggestions and solutions. That puts me in danger of saying something stupid here that doesn’t need to be said. Hope you understand what I mean.

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