While Away The Hours

Ever feel like a tripped out cat chillin in a sink?

Me either, but Jase’s girls introduced me to the app PicsArt, so I took a perfectly good snapshot of Cricket and turned her into a whisky drinking cat floating in some far off galaxy.

Stay tuned for my next trick.

13 thoughts on “While Away The Hours

      • I’ll post about our kitty as soon as he is feeling better and looks a bit better. He looks a bit rough right now. He was very matted up and they shaved a lot of him so he looks sad. He has a bit of congestion so he’s sniffy. It’s getting much better. He has one more day of medicine. He’s such a sweet boy. Our dog is very fascinated, mainly in his food, so this has been interesting. It’s early yet, they will be friends soon, I’m sure. If Stuart would just leave them alone. šŸ˜‚ šŸ¾

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