Holy Hell, Change is Inevitable


There’s no way around it.

Yet we cling and strive for permanence.

Scratching, clawing, gripping at the sand of life.

It slips through our fingers, bringing with it lost moments of joy overshadowed by our worry of the future and perceived pain of the past.

We stand in the center of our lives feeling empty and lost. Surrounded by piles of sand that we can do nothing with.

Ahhh, the timeline of each persons life. There’s rich history in the lines of each persons face. Their hands. The limp in their gait. The hunch of their shoulders.

We walk among fellow humans we know nothing about. Pumping gas no one would look at me and think, “that woman overdosed on pills a few days ago and is sorely depressed.”

No, we pull into the gas station and think “Mother fucker, couldn’t they have pulled up an inch further, I can barely get my car in here.”

I’m guilty.

I’ve failed many times to see the humanness of others. I put my blinders on. All I see are obstacles in the way of what I HAVE to get done. Get out of my way, get your shit together so my shit doesn’t fall apart.


The only guarantee we have is change. It’s the only promise out there.

Perfect example. My 4 kids 15 years ago. Gunner the dog has been dead for over 6 years now. The blanket “Mr. Smelly” being held by my youngest is now a beloved, gray, crusty thread in a zip lock bag among my belongings. My daughter has become my son and who the hell knows what family is inhabiting the house in Illinois we built from scratch.

We all have a timeline. The promise is that we never know how long we have.

11 thoughts on “Holy Hell, Change is Inevitable

  1. Change is guaranteed. And if you drive a vehicle, you’re also guaranteed to have someone thinking (and more likely shouting) hey motherfucker, move your fucking car! Things get dull if people are too nice.

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