Vandalous Vixen

When you fuck up your suicide attempt, vandalism seems like the next logical step.

I stood there enjoying the aspect of painting while simultaneously wishing I’d slip and crack my head open on a rock and float down river.

I’m not sure why my brain decided it was time to break again.

Well, whatever the case may be, all the meds in our house are locked up and I’m not allowed to be alone. When your brain goes haywire, it just does.

Jase and the girls brought me down to the river to vandalize a rock since I was scolded by the landlord not to do that on the property around the house.

This rock is my big FUCK YOU.

Could be habit forming.

If I’m not allowed to die yet I may have to become a vandalizing nomad.

Coming to a river near you.

I’ll end with a Rising Appalachia song “Scale Down”………Oops I tried to scale down the wrong thing

19 thoughts on “Vandalous Vixen

  1. I’m totally loving the vandalism.

    The problem with the head-cracking and floating down the river is that you’re going to end up washed onto the bank with a massive brain injury and then you’re alive but screwed. I think about these things.

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