Recovering From Reprimand

I began the day with the insane idea of hiking up to my favorite spot near our house and painting an outdoorsy mural on a rock formation.

The above photo is what I ended up with.

As I was skipping out the door with my backpack full of supplies and Cricket the cat sauntering along, I found myself in a conversation about how it’s against the law to do such a thing in a national forest and some of the neighbors might not be pleased.

We rent the house we live in.

I said “I appreciate you letting me know, wouldn’t want to piss anyone off.”

The little me felt reprimanded, and as I continued to my destination my body felt like jello, my heart was pounding, my breathing shallow. I was choking back tears and had to fight the urge to abort mission and retreat back into the house.

My brain was flooded with black and white catastrophic thinking.

Long story short, once I got to my spot, it took me 45 minutes to work up the courage to “paint anyway.” To remind myself I could find a small rock to paint and bring it back with me once it was dry.

Go figure, I had failed to pack some of my favorite colors and ended up with that easter egg looking thing. My mural would have sucked anyways.

I’m proud of myself for looking anxiety and fear in the face, calming down and coming up with a new plan. I still feel the sting of disappointment as I had grand ideas of creating my own little nook on the mountain. A safe haven of artwork that I could keep adding to.

Maybe living in a tent in the far reaches of the wilderness isn’t a bad idea after all…………I am a black and white thinking goddess, oh yes I am….

Once back at home I chose to read an article “How to survive being scolded” which proved helpful. Later I dusted off my 2 anxiety workbooks, (should have gotten those out days ago) also very helpful. Then I popped in my headphones and hiked for an hour.

After all that my 5 year old self was still lurking around. I fed her a bowl of lucky charms with unsweetened almond milk so she wouldn’t ask for seconds.

6 thoughts on “Recovering From Reprimand

  1. Oh it hurts.
    It hurts.
    And it doesn’t matter how old we are
    It hurts
    You did well.
    I don’t think it looks like an Easter egg at all – rather Asian and pretty. Here is a hug for your five year old 🤗 and another for you for handling it. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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