Do You Forget You’re an Introvert?

Came across this video from last summer

I did it again.

I forgot I’m an introvert.


Introversion is NOT shyness.

I am not a shy person. I’m more of an extroverted invert.

I become drained from socializing. It doesn’t matter who the person or people are. The only way I can recharge is by being alone, getting lost in my thoughts, doing something creative etc. I have to desensitize.

In a world of misconceptions about introversion, I fell head first into an “introvert hangover”. We’ve had Jases’s girls here for almost 3 weeks. I love them to pieces, they are wonderful and fun, but I was underprepared.

Here are the signs of an introvert hangover. I’m experiencing ALL of them, and I thought it was my hormones, BUT, that time has passed and I’m still a lunatic:

  • Everything is getting on your nerves
  • You’re struggling to make decisions
  • You can’t think clearly
  • Your speech changes
  • You feel physically unwell
  • You’re tired
  • You’re zoning out
  • You feel anxious
  • You feel depressed
  • You’re not acting like your normal self
  • You can’t do polite chitchat anymore
  • You have an intense desire to be alone

I came across Introvert Dear and am binge reading the articles. Nothing compares to feeling understood and being able to explain to your loved ones why you’re acting like some one took a tweezer to your short and curly’s.

14 thoughts on “Do You Forget You’re an Introvert?

  1. The best thing I have read on introverts (in order to better understand basically my entire family) was “Quiet” by Susan Cain. I can’t say I really am one, but I do need a tremendous amount of time alone. It is strange to have four other people in the house who are ALWAYS HERE!! I think you know the feeling, too . . .

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    • I will check that out, thank you 😊 I’m often taken as an extrovert as I love people and can be very chatty. Yes having people around all the time triggers the anxiety and that triggers a host of other things 🤣 I dusted off the old anxiety workbook today. Lots of adjusting happening across the globe! Hang in there. Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!


    • I don’t normally read non-fiction, but I will give this one a go, too. I just checked and see that all of the audiobook copies are out in my library and there’s a million people holding in line. Wow. I hope that means that more people are turning to books now. Since I cannot physically go to the library (they are closed+personal circumstances), I started listening to some. I’m not a fan, but I make due. Thanks for the recommendation. I just wonder if the book is more for extraverts to understand introverts than for introverts. What would you say?

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  2. Hmmm… this made me think.
    For the longest of times, all the major personality tests told me I was an extravert and I agreed with it. And then, something changed. I became… less of an extravert. I told myself that it was because I felt the need to mute my extraversion. But I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ve been an introvert for way longer and extraversion was just… a mask?
    Right now, not many people (if anyone) would label me an extravert, but I don’t think that’s accurate. I can be an extravert but… in the right circumstances. In my ideal world, I AM an extravert. But in reality, a reality which I cannot control too tightly, I need my time and space. Like you said – it’s not just from some people (although from some more than others), but from everyone.
    If the world was different…

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    • Hi Goldie 🙂 I thought I was an extrovert as well. I remember my cousin pointing out to me that I was an introvert. She saw how depleted I became after socializing. How I would check out emotionally. I thought she was crazy, I was 20 something at the time. I’m definitely and extroverted introvert haha!

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  3. I’m exactly the same. It isn’t a choice or something you can just get over – people, no matter how much I love them and sometimes because I love them – drain never dry. I need a lot of time alone. If I don’t get it, shit starts to happen.

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