Odds And Ends…….Day???? I’ve Lost Count

Painted these little guys yesterday.

Came across an excellent blog a few days ago. “The Boy Behind the Door” The link will to take you to the first post and then each post is in chronological order.

It’s a true story about the life of an adopted Native American written by his lovely daughter. It’s an amazing read that will put you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend it. Emma is a skilled writer and is sure to pull your heart strings and remind you how great the human spirit is.

I got through my “self care” list yesterday and even took 2 walks. One with Jase and one with cricket. The pic below is Cricket being in trouble for rolling in deer shit.

Poopy cat time out

Here’s a video of our current back yard. This is our best rental home so far! Hoping we don’t have to leave since money has become an endangered species.

It’s Cricket right before she rolled in poop.

Hope you are all well. As always thank you for reading and for being a part of the blogosphere!

13 thoughts on “Odds And Ends…….Day???? I’ve Lost Count

  1. Omg I love your painted rocks!♥️ Do you hide them in the neighborhood? It’s a thing in the US and I think it’s starting to catch on in Canada. It’s a movement called “Hide or Keep.”

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    • I started it as a way to stay sane through the coronavirus. We leave them down by the river to make people happy. I’ve mailed some to family and friends. I’ll have to look up “hide and keep”!


  2. Wow! You live in a beautiful place! I can think of so many worse places to have to #stayhome . . .
    (And as we have only met recently in blogworld, I should probably explain something. I tend to have times when I get really behind on reading, and then I go catch up all at once. This is about the 15th post of yours I have read so far today, and am really enjoying it. Getting close to the most recent one now. But since you don’t know me well yet, I am foregoing the “Likes” – don’t want you to feel stalked! 🙂 )

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