Wiping With Dessert

Meet Cake and Cupcake.

Industrial toilet paper ordered from Office Max. They lay on the bathroom floor. Just pull in an upward motion, tear, and wipe.

We are trying to keep our sense of humor intact while simultaneously feeling a host of other emotions.

Jase’s girls are in from Pennsylvania as we rent a home that is in the middle of nowhere and it feels safer, giving us all the opportunity to be outside. Our landlord who lives in Ohio has a 4 wheeler here that he lets us use.

We are keeping a loosely knit schedule, involving painting, being outside, naps, reading, movies and walks with Cricket the cat.

Yesterday on our stroll Cricket heard some dogs barking and refused to keep going. Jase picked her up and put the nape of her neck in his teeth like a mama cat. She went limp and became cooperative until we passed the perceived danger.

While playing a game of hide and seek outdoors, Cricket dutifully gave away my hiding spot. Sneaky cat.

Each time I catch myself thinking the worst case scenario about the future, I remind myself I am safe in this moment. We have rent for the following month and food in the kitchen.

Next month will have enough trouble of it’s own as Jase is not working and I’m barely working. This has become the life of so many families across the globe.

Thank you all for reading and commenting, this community is truly special. Jase and I are grateful to be a part of it.

Keep writing, laugh at anything you can, and be well.

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