Hold on to Your F~ing Hat

This month I feel like I popped an Annuale.

My anxiety and frustration feel volcanic.

Doesn’t help that I cleaned someone’s home yesterday and over polished their copper sinks. They look like shiny new pennies and the home owners seemed pissed. I can’t stop thinking about it. They are literally being blinded by their sinks every time they brush their teeth. I need to put an end to cleaning million dollar homes……..I can’t handle the stress of fucking up.

Sounds so petty with all that’s going on in the world.

I tried a glass of wine last night. My first since Ketamine. It made things worse. I’m kind of glad as it will keep me from going back to 2 drinks a night.

Gotta ride out the storm and deal with my crazy. This too shall pass.

14 thoughts on “Hold on to Your F~ing Hat

  1. Haha, when you need your sink to look old but actually it’s brand new and you paid good money for it to look old. I can see the sad look in the polished sinks! You did to do a good job and not to annoy them. If they want to preserve their old looks, they need to clean it themselves. Nah!
    I’m surprised that the Ketamine has such an effect with alcohol. But sometimes you need to adjust I guess?
    Nice touch on the pink axe! As long as it is one time a year I don’t see a big problem with that 😉

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