A Little Chat About Hormones

Photo by me

Hormones. The struggle is real.

Understanding what they are doing, when they are doing it is helpful.

I use The Hormone Horoscope App by Hormonolgy. It gives me a rundown of each day of my cycle. Here is an article from their web page about each week and what hormones are up to.

I’ve always struggled with PMS, and as I got older, felt very strongly it’s not an excuse for distasteful behavior.

I feel it’s my responsibility to understand my body and then work with it.

It’s also my responsibility to keep the people I live with informed.

Currently, my progesterone is on the rise. For me it causes sensory overload. I can literally see sounds. Being touched feels traumatizing. I feel the intensity rise until I’m completely underwater.

All I want is to lay in a fluffy cloud of comfort with salty foods and a cake on the side.

This is also the week where my mind betrays me. Negative thoughts feel brazen and rampant.

I’m aware and on the lookout. I take frequent timeouts because I know it’s merely my hormones and I don’t truly feel the way my mind thinks.

I meditate more. Focus on my breath more, in an attempt to tame the fiery ball of rage rolling in my gut.

Ok, time to go desensitize in a fluffy cloud.

Be well and stay safe………….someone near you may have the progesterone virus……….

10 thoughts on “A Little Chat About Hormones

  1. No not that virus! Hormones are crazy when they kick in. I don’t have that ‘burden’ anymore but when I did I became this whole other energetic person for two days and then poof it all went away. There was nothing I could do about it, it’s so strange.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing the link on the hormones, it contained valuable information that truly helped me understand myself better. Keep being awesome!

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  3. God woman you think like me! I’ve got that hormone app too – it was life changing to begin to understand my cycles and what was doing this and that, causing this and that. It isn’t about excuses it is about as you say – equipping ourselves with the info to know why and then choosing our response wisely. Or at least knowing why we feel like we do at times. Life changing. I remember thinking – oh I’m not mad I’m just experiencing a surge of a dearth of a particular hormone. I started taking “Happy Hormone” pills this year in response to some big problems I was having – again – life changing. Try ship all over the world – normally – and really work

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