I Have The Answer: Pet Ass Wipes, Thank You Coronavirus

Holy. Shit.

There are ass wipes for cats and dogs.

If you’re like Jase and I, you aren’t hoarding paper products and wipes.

If you are hoarding them, shame on you. We currently have 4 rolls of toilet paper and 1 roll of paper towels in our home.

We went to do our NORMAL grocery shopping and there’s no fucking toilet paper. Not even on line.

I’m generally a pretty laid back and forgiving gal: but there are people hoarding toilet paper and selling it online for ridiculous prices. That’s shitty, which is what my underwear will be because someone’s trying to make a quick buck off human suffering.

Well, I can think outside of the box and still try to help the economy instead of rob my fellow man.

Yep, I bought ass wipes for pets and you can too because people we live on this earth with forgot how to share. I assure you the dogs and cats of this world will not mind a shortage in wipes, they have perfectly good tongues.

We went with the Pogi’s plant based wipes. They are listed as “grooming wipes”. For those of you feeling crass there are Glandex anal gland pet wipes and are a bit more expensive.

Have fun searching online, there are plenty of brands! If not for the coronavirus and the selfishness of others we’d never know such a product existed. Thank you coronavirus.

13 thoughts on “I Have The Answer: Pet Ass Wipes, Thank You Coronavirus

  1. Luckily, the Dollarstore here still has TP in stock but its poor quality. It’s still better than nothing! I heard that other people’s dollar stores ran out of TP. I suggest going to the stores that are less popular for products and go to them at odd times of the day to avoid traffic.

    Pet ass wipes… really? I guess the high-class Millenials will be resorting to them once they run out of their 500 rolls of TP. I cannot imagine that anyone would buy pet ass wipes unless they have piles of disposable income. 🙄

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    • everywhere is empty here, it’s insane. We have Jases girls ages 9 and 11 staying with us for 10 days, I ordered the pet wipes incase we cant find anything else. Peeing is no biggie, it’s the pooping I worry about! All I can do is laugh at the absurdity at this point.


  2. This post came very timely 😂
    I need to write the wipes down on my list-to-buy-before-the-doggie-comes 😊
    When travelling in Asia I learned how to survive with no toilet paper but just water. It’s magic but it takes some getting used to.

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