I See Your Aura’s And I Love The World: Ketamine Day 3

I’m a wee bit disappointed. I’m supposed to be at my 4th ketamine treatment right now. Somehow lines got crossed and they sent my ketamine to the wrong clinic. It’s against the law to transfer it once delivered. We are waiting to hear what to do and where to go.

The long and short of it is the clinic is in the middle of a move. They’ve been in their current location for 6 months and they are a bit of a cluster fuck. Having gone there 3 days in a row, peeled back the layers of just how dis organized they are.

We got there at 7:40 as asked and my infusion didn’t begin until 8:15. They were unpacking boxes and rewiring the front desk computers. There were 2 new people and one was in a foul ass mood, which triggered my anxiety. Jase had to step outside to calm his frustration and I sat in the waiting room meditating on opening my heart space and not hyperventilating.

We were then told another patient would be having a treatment in the same room as me. Considering how much I talked during my first 2 infusions this worried me.

I have veins like Boba tea straws so they hooked me up first, and during the insertion, the woman in the foul mood stuck her head in and stated “This is the last ketamine infusion this week. They sent it all to the Aurora clinic and we don’t know when the next shipment will be.”

Well, that is poor bedside manner.

As I was slipping into la la land, they were hooking up my suite mate and her veins kept collapsing.

In the meantime I’m telling everyone what color aura they have. My doctors was light pink, crabby lady was yellow, the gals at the front desk were bright blue and light blue, I just wanted everyone to have a good day and to just be nice.

I then proceeded to talk about how much I love the world and if everyone would just be kind it would solve all the problems. To top it off I began to sob for the world, I was so sad for it. Jase was able to calm me down by telling me the world was ok and then I passed out for the remainder of the treatment.

Once at home I ate an entire box of mac and cheese and passed out. I woke up and watched the Taylor Swift documentary…..what????? I know maybe 2 of her songs……and then passed out again until morning.

It’s been a wild week thus far. It’s nice to know I love the world and all of it’s inhabitants. If Jase had any doubts about my love for him they have dissolved into trauma over how much I actually do love him. He’s probably scared shitless and ready to run for the hills……….

17 thoughts on “I See Your Aura’s And I Love The World: Ketamine Day 3

  1. You’re doing so well! Loving the world and telling us what you didn’t do (not hyperventilating!) I think those things, that we don’t do but it takes effort not to do them as well, are sometimes forgotten. Good for you to write that down. Very good!
    I think you telling Jase how deep your love is, would make a great scene for a super sweet Valentine movie. I’m curious what I would have to tell if they would put that ‘truth serum’ into my veins. πŸ€”πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    Glad that your next appointment is sorted out!

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  2. I think you’re both saints. If this had happened to me I’d have been fuming! No amount of Ketamine would have put me at ease.

    I suppose everything in this world is really beautiful; everything, that is, apart from when we lose track of the higher aims of life and our dignity as human beings. I think what you and Jase share together, the support you show each other, is exactly this: something really beautiful; something blessed. Though the journey you’re on is tough, you’re definitely on the right path. Both of you πŸ™‚.

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    • Hi πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by! I’ve always felt peoples energy and under the ketamine this was the first time I saw auras. I’ve always believed it was possible and have been open to seeing them. I am hopeful this will continue.
      Have you seen auras your whole life?

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      • Wow. Does it only last when it’s in your system?
        I’ve seen them my whole life. Thought it was normal until maybe second grade…. You don’t ask other kids why they are purple when they are wearing yellow clothes… It makes you look really stupid and mentally challenged.. then you go to counseling lol

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      • Well on the ride to the clinic today I saw my boyfriend Jase as purple and when I thought about my sister she was definitely green. The doctor and the clinic was grey and cloudy.
        Fascinating! I do hope you’ve embraced the ability and counseling helped you see it’s bad ass!!!!!

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      • Well the counseling was just because they thought I was autistic or something when I was little lol
        I like it. I get an idea of who someone is before talking to them…. It’s a good heads up sometimes lol. Like I know who to avoid before talking to them. πŸ˜‚

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