A Tripped Out Love Fest: Ketamine Day One

photo by me

Fear not! I went poop before my first Ketamine infusion. If you’ve been following along, that makes sense.

When I arrived at the pain clinic, they had me take an anti~nausea and anti~anxiety.

The young gal assigned to hooking me up to the EKG and blood pressure cuff consulted her phone incessantly for tips on where to place the EKG leads. WHAT???!!!!!!

The I.V. was inserted by the doc, and thanks to my cooperative veins, was a cinch. The doc seemed alarmingly relieved.

Once hooked up, I got cozy with my pillows, Jase popped on the Bose headphones and I went for a tripped out ride.

My body gradually felt warm, and numb. I couldn’t tell whether my eyes were open or closed and began to see what can only be described as shape shifting sandy landscapes in the color of deep purple. At times I felt upside down or as if my chair was floating through the ceiling. It was oddly comforting. I couldn’t feel a negative emotion.

I recall being filled with so much love I thought I was going to burst. I wanted everyone to know I loved them. Jase said I kept asking for his hand and that I was yelling out loving things. I remember asking about all the kids and wanting them to know I loved them. Fear not! Jase will write a post from his point of view in the future.

About 2 hours in my blood pressure went through the roof and I had to pee. That is something I’d like to avoid during todays treatment. Jase had to hold me on the toilet and wipe for me…….thank goodness I got all my pooping done before the treatment.

Four hours felt like 5 minutes, but a long 5 minutes. At the end I began sweating profusely and felt extremely nauseous. As soon as I got outside I had to vomit.

The 45 minute ride home is a blur. Jase carried me inside and again had to vomit. I slept till about 3, had some applesauce and crackers then back in bed till 6.

I watched a cooking show, ate some soup and went back to bed.

Anxious about round 2 today……..waiting to poop. Jase is a trooper for staying with me through 4 hours of la la land. His presence there was the most comforting feeling I’ve ever experienced. I remember wanting to hug him forever and kept telling him how much I loved him.

23 thoughts on “A Tripped Out Love Fest: Ketamine Day One

  1. What a ride!! Thank you for sharing this experience. I am anxiously awaiting your word from today’s session. Sending good vibes-only good vibes. XO

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  2. A very serious treatment, I hope it will make the difficult things worth it.
    I’m glad you’re yelling loving things in your long 5 minutes πŸ™‚
    Jase is a trooper, it’s nice to read that you are taken well care of.
    Much courage for todays session! ❀

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  3. Your treatments sound so intense! I am glad Jase is taking good care of you and that your heart is full of love. It’s amazing that you’re able to write with such clarity and humor throughout this ordeal. I hope you compile all of this material in a book. Thinking of you and sending well wishes✨

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  4. My first esketamine treatment I told everyone I loved them too! It was such a nice feeling. I haven’t had it since, but that first day was so sweet. Stuart gave me 🀟 and I did it to everyone saying very loudly I LOVE YOU! πŸ˜… ❀ Maybe today will be an I love you day. 😁

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    • Lol! I’m so glad you felt that πŸ™‚ It was amazing wasn’t it! It felt like such happy pure love, unconditional. Jase took some funny videos of me, I keep laughing my ass off at them.


      • I remember all of it, and I laugh a lot. Now I get more animated. Last time I had Stuart dancing with me while I sang the first song we danced to at our wedding! Hahaha!! Didn’t last long, but that was hillarious. Then I played with the shadows, and I don’t know what else, it was just fun. LOL

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      • It is so much fun! I have my follow up appointment over the phone and I’m hoping they will want to do maintenance treatments as I feel it helped tremendously!


      • thank you! she would like to do one infusion once a month as maintenance once the virus blows over. I’m all in! She said I could so the nasal spray but that would be out of pocket for me. So I will see how long until they are able to do infusions again as they have stopped b/c of virus

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  5. I’m lucky my doctor hasn’t stopped my treatment, but there are only about 5 people getting it and we don’t over lap. There’s only one person who sees me, and we both wash our hands and try to be very careful. We touch as little as possible. She does have to take my blood pressure. I think I’m going to take my cuff in next week then she won’t have to touch me. She used to open my medication box, but now I do, and I use a tissue to do it. So we’re as careful as we can be. Since my husband takes me she releases me in his care earlier than she normally would so I’m not in there as long. 🀞🀞 we’re doing the right thing. I wish they’d let me do it at home. But it’s new and considered a controlled substance, so you have to jump through a lot of hoops. πŸ™„

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