Ranty McRanter

Photo by me while driving.

Split personality?

Wrestling with how to live what you know?

Caught of guard by emotions that bubble up and words that fly from your lips………especially after you’ve taken the time to do your “inner work”?

In my minds eye I see heavy chains with impossible pad locks. The feeling of being bound sounds like static in my brain.

There’s a knowing beating in my heart. It sends out hope from the deep recess of my soul.

This knowing holds the key to the padlocks.


The picture above was taken a few days ago on my way to work. I’ve been hungrily gnawing at the truth that Spirit is not separate from us.

It is us.

There is no Santa Claus in the sky handing out party favors to the well behaved saints and laughing at others who are groveling in the dirt begging to be plucked from scarcity.

What sort of madness have we been taught as children? To believe in a Higher Power that we must bargain with, behave for, and serve….……………A Power that we are separate from? A Power that pooped us into existence and said “Figure out how to live. If you happen to get it right, there’s a reward for you in the end. ”

I could type for years about the misguided rot we’ve been spoon fed. It’s churning in my gut, curdling into a mass that is worthy of the sewer.

There is nothing any of us can do to become worthy of life. We already are.

5 thoughts on “Ranty McRanter

  1. I hope you stopped as you snapped that photo. We don’t need you getting into an accident as you try to please us with your master level photography skills.

    While I believe in Higher Power, I don’t think of It the way you do.I see it the way you say you see the word.

    I think we all have a split personality at times.

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  2. I agree. It’s all around us and lives through us. The light and the darkness – we can choose to channel either. I think religion, in its negative aspects, has obviously been used to control populations, and has, until the secular age, been instrumental in keeping the pillars of society intact. Unfortunately, as Nietzsche foresaw, it seems that without religion people are quite lost, and gravitate towards new communal belief systems, almost all of which are barren of substantive meaning. Just my take on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ‘Mare

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  3. There is no higher power just a better way of living powerfully within our own magic. The story of separation – the myth of somehow being outside of a power that we must beseech and placate is wrong and damaging. We are all powerful divine beings – we just have to step into our own light. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately too – great photo

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