Fur The Love Of The Herd

Thanks fur the laughs my freinds

We had the pleasure of running into these lovely ladies on a drive today.

I needed to get out of the house and my head. Needed a break from pain and fatigue.

After driving though a manicured subdivision, this unlikely herd was just what I needed to pull me out of the spiral I started to drown in at the sight of more construction. For fuck’s sake, let’s not go there.

I’ve never fit into a manicured lifestyle.

When I was married and raising my family I made every attempt to look like I belonged there, but in my heart I longed for the unkept herd with the patchy fur and bad haircuts.

The herd not afraid to lick their nostrils with their tongue, instead of those fenced in by societies expectations.

The herd not afraid to let the grass grow wild because that meant more wild flowers, instead of those afraid of what the HOA and the neighbor’s would think.

There’s nothing wrong with any lifestyle, but it can feel all wrong if you’re not where you’re meant to be.

Hell, I have a son who felt like an alien in his body and he’s doing something about it.

I know and love people in many herds.

After we drove a bit, Jase, not knowing any of the dialogue in my brain, said “Hey Mare? When we have more money, will we still live a small life?”

Me: “Oh. Hell. Yes. Honey. Oh, hell yes”…………….

11 thoughts on “Fur The Love Of The Herd

  1. I was asked this question by a coach the other day – she said – how much money do you want – visualise it name it. I said easy – I want so much money that I don’t think about money. Then I can just create poetry and help other people. I don’t want all the designer crap and a big fancy house or car. I want a reliable car – probably keep the one I want. I want an offgrid cabin in a beautiful place to retreat to and a big cool office to do meet and greets and meetings because I don’t want clients in my space. That’s it. The rest of it can just pile up and I want the freedom to be me.

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  2. Yes, yes and yes again! I want enough to pay my bills, see my children and help others doing what I love……I’m still trying to figure out what that is! 🙂 I’ve had my truck since 2012 and I still love her. Izzy the Xtera She’s got 150,000 miles on her and my plan is that she will run forever haha


  3. I often wonder if I’d be happier if we were richer and didn’t have money problems and I had a great-paying job. I suspect not but it doesn’t stop me envying others that are rich. I forget to appreciate what I have in front of me and that often, it has very little to do with material wealth that makes me happy.

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