The Decorated Carcass In The Room

Meet Lucy.

Came with the house. Diamonds is on the other side of the room. Our landlord is a hunter.

Lucy stares at me from my corner on the couch. Comforting in a morbid sort of way.

There’s a decorated carcass in the room.

So many directions to run with this idea……..the things in life we need to let go of but refuse to ……… the masks we wear…..the addictions we have “under control”……..etc….etc…etc….

Get’s me wondering how many decorated carcasses are showing up at holiday parties across the globe.

“Honey, please put a different tie/dress on your carcass so it blends in better, Uncle Frank will be there, you know how he gets.”

No matter how you cut it or slice it and pare life down to a minimum, there’s a carcass in the room.

I’ve got my own this year. I have one gift a piece for each of my 4 children. Had to use my credit card so I can pay rent. I can’t shake the fucking carcass of Holiday’s past, even though I have changed, my beliefs have changed, and my children have changed.

They are so excited to be here, all TOGETHER. Here for each other and for us. My 2 oldest live an hour from us and they asked to spend the night X-mas eve.

Excited to meet Jase’s girls for the first time. Our first blended family Christmas. All 9 of us.

News flash Mare, they don’t give a rip about gifts or that you didn’t bake cookies.

Let go of the carcass. Put both feet in the present. Show up as your vulnerable authentic self. Lucy is there reminding you to be free…………

6 thoughts on “The Decorated Carcass In The Room

  1. I’m relieved that my family has never been big on gifts. I’m not sure if it’s because we were a bit poor when I was growing up or because of the hassle with having stuff… my parents though are far from minimalists and that’s partly because of my Mum. She LOVES Christmas. She’d always make sure that we’d have a stocking (or a pillowcase rather) with “little gifts” for Christmas morning. This year my parents made a hamper with food for my fiancee and I… really helpful as we are a single income household (so a bit poor) and it was all fancy stuff we love but never get. They also know that we don’t like stuff either. My other half is more of a minimalist than I am but this year I’m really trying.

    We all have a carcass in our life and the thing to think about is to not think about it. Leave that carcass behind and move forward and focus on the living rather than the dead weight or worries. (As for the actual deer head that would freak me out having that in my house! You’re a braver person than I!)

    I know you’re beautiful family are going to have such a wonderful time his holiday season. Really excited for you all and the thing to think about is this: they are here for you and not the material items that surround this holiday. You are unique. 🙂 xxx

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    • Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. You are absolutely correct about moving forward. It is essential.
      Your Mum sounds lovely and what a great gift 🙂
      There are 2 deer heads in the family room, it’s rather freaky!


  2. The decorated carcass what a wonderfully juicy metaphor and you’re right – so many places to go with it. We are all decorated carcass’s until we choose to live with awareness and depth and purpose. I think you’re doing exactly that Mare such a great post – Merry Christmas 🎄 x

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