Wash Your Dirty Bits

There are days I feel like I’m falling out of a tree like my cat pictured above.


Fuck no. That requires energy.

Jase kindly tells me when it’s time.

“Honey, you look like you brushed your hair with a pork chop.”

That’s when the hippie showers no longer cut it. You know, the 1 minute dirty bits rinse with the detachable shower head. Pits, tits, and ass as Jase refers to it……(I also include my vag)

6 thoughts on “Wash Your Dirty Bits

  1. A pork chop? Wow. That created quite an image in my head.
    I see showers as a waste of time and energy but for those around me, I regularly go through with them. I recently read a post by someone who was hating on showers, too (finally, because it seems like an embarrassing, taboo topic). She said that she takes baths now instead of showers. She uses calming scents and writes/reads while in the tub. So much more relaxing and efficient than showers.

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    • haha! so true. At our last rental there was a lovely tub that I would inhabit daily with Epsom salts and oils. I had a reading tray etc. The rental we are in now the tub is so ugly it makes me nauseous. Plus we live in the mountains and a bath would run the well dry!

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