Remember How Strong You Are

There are times you need to look back to remember your strength. To remember where you came from and how far you’ve made it.

To remember that things work out in unexpected ways.

These photos are from 3.5 years ago. I had been divorced for a full year, living in Wisconsin in my first apartment ever after 4 children and 20 years of marriage.

My 2 oldest boys lived in Colorado, moved there after high school.

I laid in my bed one night and made a deal with the universe. “If I can get rid of everything I don’t need in the next 2 weeks, I’m moving to Colorado.”


Poof! All furniture gone.

I ran it past my 2 youngest kids who were living with my ex, (he made all the $ so the kids stayed put, no need to make them economically struggle). They told me to go for it and we’d figure out travel plans.

I grabbed my $1,000 in savings and off I went. No job, no place to live.

My first weekend in Colorado I took a backpacking trip with my oldest son.

There’s so much more to this tale…… much…….but I look at the photos and ask myself, “Where is that Mare? That brave little woman who moved across the country and let the divine lead her?”

She’s buried under financial strain, buried under poor health and not enough answers. Buried under a scary brain MRI result and waiting for the next doctors appointment. Buried under intense physical pain and fatigue.

She took 6 different jobs when she got to Colorado and literally worked herself into the ground. Physically she’s a train wreck.

That spirit, the one that believes anything is possible, it’s in there. It’s still there. The divine is always speaking…………..”Mare, get your head out of your ass.”

19 thoughts on “Remember How Strong You Are

  1. You’re capable of everything you set your mind to and anything that you desire ❤
    Thanks for sharing the great photos and a really motivating story. I love Colorado, I bet living there is lovely!

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  2. I hope you find some answers and pain relief soon. It must be very scary, as well as costly. Medical expenses in the states are shocking.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your move out West. I made a similar leap of faith when I moved from Ohio to New Mexico with my first husband and our toddler many years ago. All we brought was a carload of stuff. We spent the first month camping in the mountains while we searched for a house to rent. Looking back now I don’t know if I was brave or stupid!😅

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  3. This post breaks my heart. I know of that Mare you speak of very, very well. I pray every day that you find your answers and find health again. You are a badass, keep up the fight. I love you my beautiful friend.

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  4. It takes a LOT of COURAGE to decide to pick up with almost nothing and make some changes, but by doing so one is renewed, new challenges to face, new friends to meet!…..When I was unhappy one place, I just put on the old walking shoes & start out walking, and here I am at 74, still making changes…..Always, I met a friend to help me out, like now, I have wonderful neighbors helping me out over the loss of my Love/ Best friend of 35 years, we mourn, my Love, but we must continue on….. ~~~~~On that “Thinking” J. Krishnamurti’s “Commentaries on Living” 3 Series, 1974, have been a big help to me over these many years…

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