Homage To Your Hands And Feet

Hands and feet are put through the ringer.

Consider your hands for a moment. Scan through a day from start to finish.

Check the clock, pull the covers in tighter, pet the cat, hug the man

Potty time, wipe front to back………hands wipe butts and crotches, your own and others if you’ve got kids or care for the elderly. It’s a fact of life. One we don’t often give thanks for. I do not enjoy the idea of someone having to wipe for me. What a vulnerable position to be in, please let me expire before that day comes.


They dress us, feed us, cleanse us. They wipe our tears and the tears of others. They bring animation to our words in times of intensity.


We can use them in unspeakable ways. History and daily news tells the tales we don’t want to know.

Consider the hands of your loved ones. What do they see on a day to day basis? Books, pets, steering wheels, wheelchairs, kitchen duties, computers, phones, hugs, sex, saws, drills, jackhammers etc..


Those of you who have lost your hands or were born without. You are hero’s. Truly you are. Thank you for reminding us anything is possible.

Shout out to our feet.

They withstand the weight of our body and extensive physical activity.

Hours suffocated by socks and uncomfortable shoes.

If bare they are stubbed and covered in dirt.

They protest when we expect too much of them.

Sometimes we listen and put them up for a reprieve and a much needed breath of air. Other times we tell them to shut up and force them to keep moving.

It’s good to pause and think about the places your feet have taken you or not taken you. The places they’ve gotten you out of because it no longer served you.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts about these valuable overworked body parts. May we use them wisely. May we notice the work of others and say thank you.

11 thoughts on “Homage To Your Hands And Feet

  1. Another brilliant post! Thanks for the reminder. My partner says his hands are his best tools. (This is a man who owns a sawmill, digger, forklift, chainsaws and tools I can’t even name). He has real working man’s hands: calloused, numb, scratchy, and filthy looking even when he has scrubbed them clean. He uses them to mill wood in all weather conditions and builds beautiful creations… tables, benches, buildings, pagodas, art. He also chops wood to keep us warm. His hands look so painful covered in cuts and bruises, and I worry about how he abuses them. It’s good to pay homage as you say.

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