Life Feels Like…….

Sometimes the only thing that feels sane is the idea of a giant chocolate Bundt cake.

The center is filled with the softest squishiest blankets and there’s a never ending pile of books.

You read. You eat cake. You nap. Repeat.

Life should be like that. A giant chocolate Bundt cake.

Oftentimes life feels like a burnt casserole dish. You can’t quite make out what the casserole was made of, and you can tell it tasted like shit. You let it soak overnight and still have to scrape for all eternity to get the dish clean. You curse, freak out, and throw the dish at the wall.

Yeah, life feels like a burnt casserole dish.

8 thoughts on “Life Feels Like…….

  1. Every time I ask my 2 year old what we should have for dinner he replies with a big, cheeky grin, “Chocolate cake!”😆We nap together a lot (or I’ll read & snuggle him while he sleeps). Yesterday I bought a massive brownie to share with the whole family. The cake life is a good one. I hope you treat yourself today. 🍰

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  2. I went to a Christmas party yesterday. The group I was with was disappointed that there was no chocolate cake on the dessert table. In fact, all of the desserts sucked. No chocolate to be seen.

    Have you ever thought about how the wall feels with all those dents made by pen throwing?

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