Significance Of A Turkey

You can’t make this shit up.

Synchronicity is happening all the time.

Where to begin? Are you ready for a run on sentence?

Dropping my son at the airport, visiting his older brother, weaving in and out of the concrete jungle, having an “out of body moment” while observing materialism, “Jase, I can literally feel the earth breathing under all that has been built upon it. I’m so sad for the earth, I can feel it groaning. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.” Getting home, feeling so stripped down emotionally, and not just about the world at large but my own little world, can’t stop crying, naked, vulnerable, anxiety, panic, and fear so intense my chest feels like it’s going to explode. Thinking how unimportant I am, and think “Kate the poet is important”, go and read her latest poem and it’s about the irony of being important/unimportant, Wake up, read a post about moms making a stink over happy meal toys because they were concerned about the environment, part of my response: “Hey there crazy moms, how about you stop buying fast food, grow a garden, milk a cow, and put up a chicken coop all with recycled items. Get your frantic asses to the landfill and build yourself an empire! Now that would be newsworthy.” Head to the hospital for a brain MRI during which I decide to meditate and the vision that appears is me, part of the earth, covered in mud, with the roots of trees wrapped around my limbs, me, in perfect peace, I hear “you are a daughter of the universe, fix your crown”, to the bank to pay rent, the sweet teller so lost in her mind and seeing us as NEXT, doesn’t get our jokes until minutes later and then finally makes eye contact, go get an oil change, all the while feeling the discomfort of how lost people are, seeing everyone looking at their phones with their perfect nails, hair and clothing, T.V.’s in every waiting room full of Christmassy bullshit, and how to loose weight BEFORE the holiday, what, we are starting before the holiday now, if only we could loose the weight of nonsense that we buy into, read another poem by my favorite poet, her blog is a thousand bits of paper, if you’re interested, the poem, on how fleeting our lives are, so fitting for what I’m observing. Go home and see the wild turkey’s that I see EVERYDAY, but today I feel like photographing them, today I feel a connection to the god damned turkeys, I feel love for them, go about the rest of the day, talk to Jase about Carl Jung, sit down to blog, hmmm I wonder what the spiritual meaning of a turkey is, what a random fucking thought:

The Turkey is all about the fullness of life and feeling content with what we have instead of accumulating material belongings.

The Turkey is about honoring nature and the Earth. It’s a symbol of abundance. This bad ass bird encourages us to honor our nourishment: physical, emotional and spiritual. The turkey is about having a relationship with the land and our environment.

You lovely fucking bird. Not to mention it was thanksgiving a few days ago, we ate tofu green curry, REALLY thankful for that.

Synchronicity at it’s finest. And who do you think came up with the concept of Synchronicity, Carl Jung.

I personally did not know that, I looked it up, AFTER Jase and I had just been talking about Carl Jung and “shadow” work.

Tonight I feel comfort. A lot was spoken in the past 24 hours and not because I’m important or special, but by some stroke of divine light my heart was listening. What I heard my have zero impact on you.


I needed to be reminded of the fact that WE ARE HELD.

WE ARE HELD by something much larger than what we can comprehend.

9 thoughts on “Significance Of A Turkey

  1. Oh God I loved this post so much! I constantly watch the environment for synchronicity and look up meanings of animals when they appear oddly or just feel meant for me. My favourite Australian bird is the Wedge Tail Eagle – I feel a connection to it. I often see them at pivotal points in my life – they are rather rare. I saw one this morning. Nearly hit a pair rising off a roo carcasse one morning too – I was on the bike and it scared the hell out of me – but then they took my skin up into the sky – goosebumps – but that’s another story. I just loved the Turkey story and now I’m getting into my own sorry! Love you mare – you are such a cool strong woman – wish we could meet up for a cuppa and a giggle and probably a bit of a weep too. Life is magical – it really is – I feel the earth beneath my feet – feel it dying, living, breathing. How precious it is. How huge and ancient – how small and transient we are. Sacred Earth. We are lucky to live close to it. XX

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    • I’m crying in my coffee reading your response, I appreciate your words more than I could possibly articulate. It’s a comfort to know a like minded soul and you ride a motorcycle! You’re a bas ass Kate! If we never meet in person, I will forever be thankful for crossing paths in cyber land šŸ™‚ I often see bald eagles and hawks when I forget to soar. They fly over my truck in times when I’m stuck in a loop

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  2. Also love – “We are held” we are – when I’m really worried about something I imagine that the earth is a hand and it is keeping me safe. It tries to – why else the law of gravity that tries to keep us all connected to it? If a couple of million fools suddenly disobeyed this law – it wouldn’t be a bad thing “)

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  3. There is so much I love about this post. ā€œ…if only we could loose the weight of nonsense that we buy into.ā€ So true!

    I worked with a Jungian analyst for a while and we often spoke about synchronicity. Reading your post reminded me of a book on my shelf you might like Called The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self (by Jean Shinoda Bolen- all of her books are excellent). I havenā€™t finished reading it, but think I will pick it back up after reading your post. More synchronicity?

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  4. How about eating in moderation over any Holiday? So many people take out loans to buy way too much food. They cook way too much food and then they feel bad about throwing it out, so they stuff themselves. We do not live during the great depression. I am 99% sure that there will still be food at the store in January.

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