My “Shining” Moment

I channeled my inner Jack Nicholson the other night when I came home to a locked house and no keys.

Clearly I did not get as far as Jack and the only resident on the other side of the door was Cricket the cat meowing for me to fill her food dish. The only fear was the fear of starvation.

I will say I looked more fashionable than Jack in my camouflage sequined jeans and my fringe Minnetonka suede boots. Take that Jack, this chick knows how to beat a door down in style.

I also created a masterpiece for a kick ass photo, and for that I am quite proud.

I sat in my car for 2 hours until Jase got home.

He opened a window……….

3 thoughts on “My “Shining” Moment

  1. Ahh…comments from the dude who has to sleep next to this girl at night. Can you imagine coming home and finding your door lock half bashed in with a 1930’s digging pick knowing it was your half-pint significant other who stands a foot shorter than you and weighs all of a $1.10 soppy wet with hair as long as Rapunzel.

    Can you say scary!!! You can see why i have to walk the line…a very thin razor sharp line. I don’t wanna piss her off or I could be the next door knob feeling the sharp side of that rusty antiquated digging tool. Or maybe i’d just fall down the stairs again…how convenient

    All joking aside. This was pretty funny to find after a long day at work. I just wish it was on video and i could post it on Youtube. Mare’s actually an angel. This was the first time i ever saw her get “Medieval” on anything.

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