Water Does Not Resist

Took this shot after work a few days ago in Left Hand Canyon

Type. Delete. Type.

Change the title a million times.

Leave what’s heavy behind. Send it floating in the water. Are you tired and weary from the hidden pain…..not sure how to articulate……..how to release the fearful feeling.

Needing a break from yourself. Needing a break from the relentless physical pain that has become a nameless phantom who hangs around and refuses to exit your life.

Trying to describe the pain phantom tastes like vomit.

Regurgitated information that no one understands.

Crying makes the pain in your head, neck and shoulders worse. This phantom with no name…….Laughter helps but what’s so funny? You crawl in the dirt searching for humor and it turns to dust in your hands………

You send it all floating…….


Water does not resist. Water flows effortlessly around obstacles. It laps up courage with each rock it glosses over. It smiles and glitters and goes wherever it pleases.


Water has patience. It can appear to be in a hurry but exhibits a calm grace. It is a part of natures soundtrack. It babbles, giggles and crashes…..


Tears are water. Water brings life to every living thing.

You are made of water………

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