Turning Challenges into Playthings for your Imagination

Kids do it all the time.

When a kid is pissed, sad, confused etc. they have this innate ability to turn the strong emotion into a game of some sort. It’s rather fascinating.

I have a laundry list of discomfort in my body on a daily basis. It’s enough to send me to the loony bin. Instead I will see myself as a new breed of superhero.

My eyes feel as if they’ve been punched repeatedly because I’m able to read peoples minds. Holy hell, you are all sick in the head, at least I know I’m in good company.

My muscles and joints feel like they are on fire from the lava I use to reload my lava taser.

My limbs go numb with out warning when they need a break from all the kung foo fighting.

I feel like I’m a walking cinderblock from my bulging muscles and the ridiculous costume I’m forced to wear.

It feels like I have fire ants in my underwear, well, let’s not go there, that’s a private matter. (See my post on vulvodynia if you’re curious)

Don’t even get me started on the digestive upset that I use as explosives to blow shit up.

Somedays I feel like what’s the point in trying to turn the discomfort into something funny, but it is a good distraction to focus on seeing things in a different way rather than giving in to the dark side. There’s only so much crying and complaining a person can do before the depression sinks in and pulls you into it’s pit.

If you have any ideas or tried and true methods for your own life, I’d love to read them! Feel free to leave a comment 🙂 In the mean time, keep laughing!

5 thoughts on “Turning Challenges into Playthings for your Imagination

  1. Great article. Sometimes I see problems as Stormtroopers that require zapping one by one. That it’s up to me to save the Rebel Alliance (and I don’t even like Star Wars). If I’m feeling really rough I imagine myself as a tank which can move in all weathers and on every terrain and can, if necessary, remove every obstacle in its way. When I tackle a backlog of emails I pretend I’m clearing landmines. Because if I neglect them sure enough one will explode in my face. When I talk to my boss I become a secret agent working undercover. I’m not me and I do everything I can not to be rumbled, pretending I’m far more calm, competent and professional than I really am…

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