Lessons in Feeling Like Crap

When people tell you that you look fine you feel like punching them in the throat. Lucky for them you don’t have the energy to carry it out.

When someone says they are “tired” too you want to strap cinder blocks to their limbs, light all of their muscles and joints on fire, punch them in both eyes, release fire ants into their underwear, scramble their brain and tell them to go live their lives as usual.

“Fake it till you make it”…….I’m sorry, that does not help. Faking that I feel great so I can make it to the grave sooner??????

“Raise your vibration” and “Think positive”……How about you shut the fuck up? I mean that in the nicest way possible.

I’m truly not a deputy downer. What I am is a realist who’s scared about the future. Admitting that I feel like garbage does not mean I’m thinking negative, low vibration thoughts all day. I certainly don’t need trash heap canned phrases. I can tell the difference between a well meaning statement from someone who is being compassionate and one that’s just being passive aggressive because of stewing in their own crap.

I have definitely learned to think before I blurt something out. How bout you? Do you have any funny thoughts on well meaning statements that feel anything but well meaning?

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