How do you Handle Your Own Negativity?

I’m curious about your negativity. What do you do with it? Where do you put it? Do you pretend it’s not there? Do you save it to share with those closest to you? Do you blog about it? Do you act like you never have a negative thought or emotion? Do you ignore it and let it seep out in weird ways?

When looking up information on negativity I was bombarded by positive quotes against negativity. Isn’t that being negative about negativity?

Could the negativity in our lives be there to teach us something?

Maybe if we were encouraged to get curious about our negativity instead of being told we’re like the plague we would have more joy.

If I never leaned into my own negativity I’d still be in an unhappy marriage.

I’m regularly around someone who’s energy feels so superficial it hurts. I feel bad for her. She’s hell bent on being a shining light of positivity and it feels fake and forced. Rather than feeling drawn to her I feel repelled and keep our interactions brief.

Pretending to be positive all the time is the equivalent of spiritual bypass. Could ignoring our negativity also be a cause of imposter syndrome?

I’m not saying that we should spend our days in a cesspool of garbage thinking and speaking. We’ve all been there and been around people who are “STUCK” in it like a record with a scratch looping for years at a time. I admit I’ve done my fair share of pissing and moaning. I think there is a fine balance to be had. I embrace the fact that life is a beautiful shitty mess. Beauty and shit are polar opposites but we all have both.

A little authenticity goes a long way……

Chime in. What are your thoughts? How do you conduct yourself and your own negativity?

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