Clenching my Butt is a Problem

I recently noticed that during my meditations and getting a massage I clench my butt cheeks. I relax the buggars and within seconds they are a closed fist. The practice of meditation and massage is to relax and relieve stress. So what gives?

What is my ass trying to tell me?

Am I literally and figuratively a tight ass?

Definition of tight-ass Merriam- Webster

chiefly US slang: a rigidly straitlaced, conventional, or inhibited person

Well, that certainly does not describe me……..I dug a little deeper (but not in my ass, it’s clenched)

I came across a website “The Back Pain Authority” and swing lo sweet chariot they have an article: Clenching the Buttocks. It’s a serious medical article about clenching, psychoemotional tension and back pain. Seeing as I’m not a “tight-ass” as defined by Merriam-Webster I had multiple belly laughs while learning something about my misbehaved butt cheeks.

Let me share some of my favorites, let us laugh and learn together:

The action of clenching consists of tightening up the gluteal (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus) muscles, as well as some of the interior muscles deeper inside the buttocks anatomy, including the piriformis muscle. The anal sphincter is commonly tightened. Many patients also clench some of the upper leg and hip muscles as well, including the biceps femoris and quadriceps muscles.

Exactly how does one know if they are tightening the anal sphincter along with their ass cheeks. I must admit that is a part of my body I feel detached from. Is there a meditation out there that will help me relax my sphincter?

Why Are You Clenching the Buttocks?

The primary reason we have witnessed for unconscious buttocks clenching is certainly internalized psychoemotional tension.

Well I carry quite a load of emotional baggage, as do most. Very enlightening

I will leave you with my favorite paragraphs from the article. May you laugh and take some knowledge for your life’s journey:

Stop Clenching the Buttocks

You can stop clenching your buttocks anytime you want. You simply need to become more aware of when and why you are performing the action and then make a conscious choice to cease and desist. We highly recommend integrating self-anatomical study into a full knowledge therapy program in order to recognize the signs and symptoms of internal tension that can and will eventually cause you pain (if it has not done so already…). You will be amazed at where you will find tension in your body once you begin to objectively study yourself from an external POV.

You must stop clenching the buttocks. Allowing it to continue will create a primary cause of hemorrhoids, as well as a classic manifestation of ongoing lower back, buttocks and sciatica pain. The continuous tightening of the muscle is not healthy and further restricts proper circulation, exacerbating already present ischemia issues. Furthermore, the long-term effects of clenching can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, prostate issues, urinary problems and pelvic tilting, as well as significant and difficult to resolve muscular imbalances. You might not have any structural problem causing you to clench now, but if you keep it up, you will soon… Stop it now.

This is a call for us all to no longer unconsciously clench our butts. For better health, cheers!

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