What Are You Bringing To The Party?

I unknowingly brought see through leggings to this party. much to the dismay of 2 out of 4 of my boys climbing with me. my boyfriend was estatic

I unknowingly brought see through leggings to this party, much to the dismay of 2 out of 4 of my boys. My boyfriend was ecstatic.

Life. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. What are you bringing to the party? I’ve pissed away years with negative emotions, sob stories and pathetic tales due to the lens I chose to see life through. I’m responsible for what I show up with each and every moment. I can change the filter I see life through. No one is going to do these things for me. Fuck, really?

Really. Some days it feels like a full time job.

I came across this question in Jen Sincero’s book “You are a badass everyday”. It was a good reminder to keep my shit together and to check the opaqueness of all my leggings. https://jensincero.com/

Tampons in the Fridge

It was an accident. I was running out the door to work and at the last minute remembered I needed tampons. I grabbed a handful and tossed them into my lunch bag. Mid morning I went in search of an unused cotton crotch rocket and found them nestled amongst the members of my lunch in the fridge. Wow, what a game changer. If you’ve never inserted a chilled tampon into your nether regions, I highly recommend it.


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